For Owners
    • Earn income by listing your car with  Australia’s largest database for:Star Cars Square
      • Film and TV work

      • Weddings and Formals
      • Fashion and commercial photography

      • From a few hundred dollars for a few hours’ work, up to $1000 and more for featured cars
    • Have your car stored and cared for through our Foster Ownership scheme at no cost to you.

    • Use our professional Project Management for your next major restoration.  We work with you to develop the schedule of work, agree a budget with you, obtain competitive quotations and monitor the job from beginning to end.

    • Attend one of our professional, hands-on courses for fault diagnosis, servicing, maintenance and repair of your car

    • Bring your car to our workshop for one on one maintenance coaching.  You work on your car under our guidance and using our facilities.  No previous experience required

    • Have your car moved around the country for minimal cost to you with our vehicle transfer service for vintage and classic cars.
For Enthusiasts
    • Come along to one of our courses for buying a vintage or classic car.  Learn how to spot the lemons, negotiate the price and learn the tricks and techniques of the trade with our Vintage & Classic Car Educational Courses.
    • Become a foster owner for another owner’s vintage or classic car.  You look after their car in your garage, make sure it is regularly driven and maintained.  The owner pays all the bills other than fuel and tolls.
    • banner.pngEnjoy your dream car for a day, a weekend or longer with  Choose from dozens of privately owned cars.  You arrive at their home.  They explain the car to you.  You drive away!
    • Star Cars SquareChoose from over 2500 cars available with a driver at to make your wedding, formal or other celebration extra special.
    • Sign up for a 1 hour joy ride with one of our over 2000 private owners.  You arrive at their home. They take you for a drive on their favourite roads in your favourite car.  You grin from ear to ear!  Choose your dream car at
    • Join or Forest Rally Team! The best way to learn about vintage and classic car preparation – while having more fun that you can imagine!