About us

Take a bunch of car enthusiasts.  Add a technical guru or two.  And some business expertise.

The result is The Vintage & Classic Car Hub.  Bringing together experts and amateurs; owners and enthusiasts who love vintage and classic cars – but don’t have bottomless pockets!

The business was started by Keith Mcilroy back in 2008 with Sydney Classic Car Hire –  offering two sixties Jags and an MGB for self-drive.  Over the following years he built the business up to having over 50 cars available for self-drive and over 2,500 cars available for film, TV and photo shoots throughout Australia.

Those cars brought with them over 2000 owners and 3000 clients.  All of them enthusiasts.

The Vintage & Classic Car Hub has been set up to help those and other enthusiasts through our educational programs, shared ownership, general support and advice.

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