For Enthusiasts

    • Come along to one of our courses for buying a vintage or classic car.  Learn how to spot the lemons, negotiate the price and learn the tricks and techniques of the trade.
    • Share the cost of owning a car through our syndications and shared ownership schemes
    • Become a foster owner for our investors.  You look after their car in your garage, make sure it is regularly driven and hand it over to clients.  The owner pays all the bills other than fuel and tolls.
    • Enjoy your dream car for a day, a weekend or longer.  Choose from dozens of privately owned cars.  You arrive at their home.  They explain the car to you.  You drive away!
    • Choose from over 2500 cars available to make your wedding, formal or other celebration extra special.
    • Sign up for a 1 hour joy ride with one of our over 2000 private owners.  You arrive at their home. They take you for a drive on their favourite roads in your favourite car.  You grin from ear to ear!