Pre-purchase Inspection training

Helping you buy your vintage or classic car.

We will help you identify your requirements, guide you in choice of car and teach you what to look for and what to ask when deciding on which car to choose.

You do not just need to research what is on the market and what a fair price is.  You also need to consider availability of spare parts, mechanical expertise and what support there is both through local clubs and also through on line forums.

You then need to know how to persuade the seller to let you properly evaluate the car.  For lower price models, your minimum should be a high speed test run (driving round the local roads at 60 kph will not show up any braking or suspension issues) and having the car on a hoist to check for rust, fluid leaks, worn suspension and steering and brake issues.  For more expensive or exotic acquisitions, you should also consider running diagnostics on the engine (compression and oil pressure checks) and  putting the car on a rolling road to identify engine issues throughout the full rev range.

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