Vintage and Classic Car Fault Finding and Fixing Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to carry out routine maintenance on your car and how to recognise when the car needs more professional attention.

It will then give you the confidence when explaining the symptoms to those professionals and help you control your repair and maintenance costs.

It is suitable for beginner to intermediate level enthusiasts.  During the day, we will cover:


We use participants own vehicles to demonstrate and explain how everything works.

  1. Engines – how they work and how to fault find.
  2. Brakes – which bits should you touch and which to leave to the experts.
  3. Suspension – what are the signs that it needs attention.
  4. Electrics – basic fault finding and fixing.
  5. Steering – how to keep it sharp and light.
  6. Automatic transmission – the tell-tale signs of problems.
  7. Manual gearbox – spotting a good whine from a bad whine.
  8. Cooling systems – the 3 key points to keep your car cool.
  9. Wheels and tyres – profiles, compounds, offsets and stud patterns.
  10. Bodywork – bog spotting and dodgy paint jobs.

Full day, hands-on $490.  2 to 6 participants.  See discounts below.

  • 9 am to 4 pm:
  • Saturday, 8th December 2018
  • Saturday, 13th April 2019
  • Saturday, 13th July 2019
  • Saturday, 12th October 2019

Venue – The Vintage and Classic Car Hub Workshop, Riverstone, NSW.  Other venues by demand.

Check out a recent video taken by one of our participants at

Call 0407 287329 for more information and to book.

15% Discount on all courses to:

  • Owners of vehicles registered at for film and TV work.
  • 2 or more booking together.
  • Under 16 and over 60.
  • Women of any age.

Your workshop leaders:

  • Harry Houston – mechanic, mechanical engineer and teacher who has been restoring cars and building competition cars and kit cars for over 40 years.
  • Keith Mcilroy – professional facilitator, trainer, founder and owner of Vintage and Classic Car Hire and Star Cars Agency.  Working with over 2,000 owners and over 3,000 vehicles has given Keith unique experience and expertise in how to minimise maintenance and restoration costs and maximise reliability of vintage and classic cars.


The Hub Workshop, Riverstone, NSW.   Approx 45 minutes west of the Sydney CBD. and 10 minutes from the Heritage, craft town of Windsor where there is excellent accommodation for those of you wanting to make a weekend of it.

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  • Hi Keith. Thank you for the wonderful presentation yesterday. Please give Harry a pat on the back for me also. I had a wonderful time, learnt a lot! Peter.
  • Many thanks Keith ; I found it very informative & learnt a lot ..! The hands on experience was very useful for me & I certainly learnt a few things that needed doing on the car ..!  Andrew.
  • Thank you for the weekend workshop – loved every minute of it. Jonathon.
  • I really enjoyed the workshop, and learned a lot. It has given me a foundation to begin tackling DIY jobs on my own car.  Andrea.
  • Knowledgeable instruction and hands-on demonstration and application is invaluable. Wesley.
  • I reckon it was really good! Anton.