Car body preparation course

90% of the cost and 100% of the quality of a repaint of a classic car is down to the three Ps”

  • Preparation
  • Preparation
  • Preparation

This course will take you through preparing a classic car for a bare metal respray and reassembly.

Course content

Over 8 evening sessions you will dismantle, examine and strip a complete classic car body down to bare metal.  Repair and prep for paint; Reassemble and detail.  During the course you will learn:

  • The tips and trade secrets for dismantling a body to ensure quick and accurate reassembly.
  • Basic theory of paint types, their pros and cons.
  • The options for stripping to bare metal – acid dip, shot blast, paint stripper, etc.
  • The tools and materials needed to minimise the stripping time.
  • How to manually strip, then fill and flatten for paint.
  • The different types of fillers, their pros and cons.
  • How to use fibreglass for minor repair work.
  • Observe the car being sprayed.
  • Spray can and blending techniques for minor repair.
  • Examination and re assembly of the body panels.

18 hours over 6 to 10 weeks $990 plus GST.  Gift Vouchers are available.

Minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 students per course.

Location:  The Vintage and Classic Car Hub workshop, Kings Park, 5 mins from M2/M7.

Gift Vouchers available.



    • “We booked the whole family on a morning drop in class. Turns out our job for the day was to remove the engine and gearbox from a 1970 MGB! Most of the family have no experience at all with tools or cars but Keith and Harry were great in supporting. A fabulous ‘family’ day out for us. Highly recommend.”  ‘Carolyn – MGB
    • “What a delight to find these guys. We’ve been out to their workshop and enjoyed working there. Having the expertise on hand is a godsend. Thanks Keith and team for providing the hoist and workshop environment! We’ll be back”.  Sharyn – Rolls Royce
    • “What a gem of a find. Excellent workshop with hoist – and having Keith and the guys on hand to assist with the more complicated stuff is great – as is their patience in teaching and the imparting of such a wealth of knowledge. Always look forward to being able to make time to get out there. ” John – Dodge
    • “Great workshop & tutors – I learned a lot in my time in their shop and recommend Vintage & Classic Car Hub for all your needs.”  Graham – Jaguar
    • “The “drop in classes” are a great way to experience first hand what’s under the bonnet of some classic vintage cars. This was a rare treat for my son Josh who is looking to enter the automotive mechanical field next year. The price is also incredibly reasonable for this level of opportunity learning from the very experienced team at VCCH. Highly recommended.”  Tim 
    • ‘Excellent workshops, run by 2 very experienced and patient gentlemen. Everything gets explained properly and each time I walk away really feeling I have learned something new.  “Christophe – MG
    • “Best surprise gift you can give to any vintage car lover!”  Damian – Mustang
    • “Needed a new engine built for a 1969 BMW 1600/2. Harry and Keith sorted it out with no problems. Would recommend any day of the week.” Luke – BMW
    • “Great service & these guys are classic car aficionados & really know their stuff.. their passion shines through & their knowledge is second to none”  Andrew – Corvette
    • “Had a great time and very useful for someone my level to get familiar with things on the car”. Matt 
    • “It was a great session, found out so much more about my car”  Peter – Rolls Royce Corniche