Classic Car Hire Business Partnership available in Adelaide

Own a 67 Mustang Convertible, a 1964 MGB Roadster and earn circa $10,000 pa in rental income for a couple of hours per week.


  • Price:                                 $100,000 plus GST

  • Net rental income:         circa $10,000 pa


How it works:

  • You own both cars and a percentage of the rental income.

  • We are responsible for national marketing, agency commissions (Red Balloon, etc)  contracts, finance and insurance.

  • You keep the cars clean and well maintained and hand over to clients.

  • Time commitment approximately 2-3 hours a week.

Current sources of income:

Additional income can be earned from:

Total hires per year:

2019 Financial year:                      32

2020 Financial year:                      29

2021 YTD 31 March:                     34


For more details please email with a brief summary of your experience, if any :-) , with classic cars.

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