Join our forest rally team

The best way to learn about vintage and classic car preparation – while having more fun that you can imagine!

Motorsport does not just improve the breed of normal cars, but it also improves the mechanical and engineering knowledge of those involved with it.

Competition cars are prepared to the most basic of requirements – maximum power and braking capacity; minimum weight and complexity; maximum strength and reliability; maximum grip with predictable handling.

Of all the motorsport alternatives, special stage rallying is the one that requires the best vehicle preparation.  It is also one of the most challenging and the most fun!

Our team competes in half a dozen events a year – mainly in forests in New South Wales – and we are always keen to encourage other enthusiasts to join us.  Whether as crew member, helping in car preparation or just going to the spectator points.

If you would like to experience going ‘flat chat on the dirt’, then call Keith on 0407 287329