Learn how to maintain and repair your classic car.


In our wonderful workshop in Western Sydney.

In the golden decades of motoring (Fifties through to Seventies) all manufacturers expected owners to work on their car.  Read any owner’s manual from that era and, instead of page after page of safety warnings, there are detailed instructions on how change the oil, fan belt and filters, adjust the valve clearances, tune the carburettors, service the brakes.  Some even gave instructions on dismantling the dashboard and timing the camshafts.  And pretty well every owner did at least some of that because it wasn’t that hard 🙂.   And it still isn’t. 

In fact it is even easier now.  We have access to proper workshop manuals, Google,  YouTube videos, Facebook groups, etc.   And low cost, quality tools that we would have died for back then.

So, come and get your hands dirty and discover the satisfaction and enjoyment you get from working on your own car.   Not to mention the money you will save and extra enjoyment and confidence you will have driving your classic.

You can dip your toes in (or should that be fingers?) from just $60.  That gives you 3 hours working along side us with our drop in classes.   If you already have some experience, then you can simply hire our workshop (including hoist, tools, fasteners, consumables, etc.) for just $35 per hour.  If you get stuck or want to expand your knowledge, there is one on one coaching from $15 per quarter hour.  That coaching is also available on the telephone or in your own shed.

For $240 you can bring your car into us for a 3 hours, one on one. “Get to know your classic” session where we take you through your car from front to back, explaining how everything works, providing advice on how to make it more reliable and safe and answering all your questions.

And for those of you who want more specialised course we have evening courses on auto electrics, car body preparation and engine building.  The latter of which can also be a personalised, one on one program rebuilding your own engine over a number of weeks.

Finally, Gift Vouchers are available for all of our services.  With your personal message and an image of their car or one they have lusted after.  The perfect gift for car enthusiasts.

Sadly, all our fees are plus GST 😒  and please ensure you read and agree to our workshop rules 🙂.

Workshop and Hoist Hire – from $35 per hour

One on one coaching –  from $15 per quarter hour

Drop in Classes – from $60 per half day. Under 16s half price.  

Get to know your Classic – $240 for a one-on-one, 3 hour session with your car 

Auto electrical for beginners – $490 for 9 hours over 2 to 3 weeks. 

Car body preparation for beginners – $990 for 18 hours over 8 to 12 weeks.

Engine building for beginners – $1490 for 30 hours over 12 to 16 weeks.

Gift Vouchers available for all of the above

Workshop Terms and Conditions


  • “Keith’s workshops are a well-run & informative way to get to know your classic car better – in my case a ’73 Corvette Stingray. A well set up workshop with experienced & passionate old school mechanics on hand to help guide owners to learn more about their pride & joy & good value to boot!“ Andrew Corvette.
  • “The course was designed freely around my requirements, not around a pre-set framework and was taught by a couple of experienced gentlemen, properly explaining what we were going to tackle each time, and without any rush to finish. For any mechanical novice or owner of a classic car, these classes are an absolute must. You will gain skills a lot of younger mechanics would not be taught anymore. ”  Christophe MGB
  • “This was not just theory, it was practical. I felt safe at all times, and that the atmosphere was very congenial. I was able to bring my own classic vehicle into the workshop and get a full and clear understanding of its status, and what might need to be done. I also was able to do some of the work, under supervision, by myself. I had, before this time, hardly ever even so much as looked at a mechanical task. This is a worthwhile experience.” Gavin Buick Riviera
  • “The workshop was meticulously organized with an impressive array of tools for all skill levels. Maintained cleanliness and clear safety measures, overseen by knowledgeable Keith Mcilroy, demonstrate a commitment to excellence. The workshop’s unique flexibility with diverse rental options, transparent pricing, and on-site support from expert instructors make it stand out. In every aspect, it exceeded expectations, providing an ideal environment for automotive craftsmanship. I wholeheartedly recommend it for enthusiasts seeking a supportive and vibrant workspace.” Alistair BMW E30
  • “Their wealth of knowledge, passion, and hands-on approach made every session enjoyable and educational and transformed my understanding of these vintage vehicles, and I now feel confident tackling certain maintenance projects on my own. I highly recommend their expertise to anyone looking to delve into the world of classic car maintenance and learning.” John Dirt bike
  • ” Their wealth of knowledge, passion, and hands-on approach made every session enjoyable and educational and transformed my understanding of these vintage vehicles, and I now feel confident tackling certain maintenance projects on my own. I highly recommend their expertise to anyone looking to delve into the world of classic car maintenance and learning.” Joe Mercedes
  • “I am a huge fan of The Vintage and Classic Car Hub Pty Ltd who are the only group providing workshop space and supervision for owners of classic cars. Very few workshops will accept classic cars in for repairs these days and it is increasingly up to the owners to keep them alive. Even fewer owners have space and resources to tackle their own repairs. Thus, the support of The Vintage and Classic Car Hub Pty Ltd is vital if these wonderful examples of motoring and artistic history are to be preserved. Mark Porsche 356
  • ”This is such a great concept – the community to share tools, knowledge, experience is just priceless. There is something so therapeutic and so bonding about working on an old car, especially one that I cherish so dearly. Keith’s shop is such a strong safety net to getting the best out of the process of wrestling with an old machine. Having the opportunity to work through the rear main seal job with my dad is one of the core memories I’ll have with him.”   Mark BMW E30
  • “A godsend to classic car enthusiasts. Well equipped and managed workshop in Kings Park with plenty of insightful help on hand with an added helping of good fun banter. Thoroughly recommend to the self-proclaimed experts, beginners and everyone in between” . Darren 49 Merc.
  • I am very happy with the experience and I will definitely be back for minor and major service items for my car yearly.  I highly recommend Keith and his workshop and he is very experienced in rallying as well as a bonus! The pricing per hour for hoist rental was very fair.”  Dillon BMW 125i
  • “We booked the whole family on a morning drop in class. Turns out our job for the day was to remove the engine and gearbox from a 1970 MGB! Most of the family have no experience at all with tools or cars but Keith and Harry were great in supporting. A fabulous ‘family’ day out for us. Highly recommend.”  ‘Carolyn – MGB
  • “What a delight to find these guys. We’ve been out to their workshop and enjoyed working there. Having the expertise on hand is a godsend. Thanks Keith and team for providing the hoist and workshop environment! We’ll be back”.  Sharyn – Rolls Royce
  • “What a gem of a find. Excellent workshop with hoist – and having Keith and the guys on hand to assist with the more complicated stuff is great – as is their patience in teaching and the imparting of such a wealth of knowledge. Always look forward to being able to make time to get out there. ” John – Dodge
  • “Great workshop & tutors – I learned a lot in my time in their shop and recommend Vintage & Classic Car Hub for all your needs.”  Graham – Jaguar
  • The “drop in classes” are a great way to experience first hand what’s under the bonnet of some classic vintage cars. This was a rare treat for my son Josh who is looking to enter the automotive mechanical field next year. The price is also incredibly reasonable for this level of opportunity learning from the very experienced team at VCCH. Highly recommended.”  Tim 
  • “Best surprise gift you can give to any vintage car lover!”  Damian – Mustang
  • “Needed a new engine built for a 1969 BMW 1600/2. Harry and Keith sorted it out with no problems. Would recommend any day of the week.” Luke – BMW
  • “Great service & these guys are classic car aficionados & really know their stuff.. their passion shines through & their knowledge is second to none”  Andrew – Corvette
  • “Had a great time and very useful for someone my level to get familiar with things on the car”. Matt 
  • “It was a great session, found out so much more about my car”  Peter – Rolls Royce Corniche

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