Classic cars for sale

The boss’ New Year’s Resolution for 2024 was to sell off some of his classic car collection.  He thinks 14 is too many!

Most of his cars earn regular income through and  and their income earning potential is recognised in the pricing. 

Part of the sale agreement will be to offer a degree of geographic and/or vehicle exclusivity to buyers and he can provide a degree of financial flexibility for the right buyers.

It is a great opportunity for enthusiasts to start their own hobby-business, providing a vehicle (if you will pardon the pun!) for developing a self financing and tax efficient classic car collection.

He is putting them all up for sale to see if there is any interest.  If not, he will just keep them, use the income they earn to maintain and improve them and watch as they increase in value 🙂.

      1. Below, you will find a list showing their selling price, income earned and outstanding bookings.
      2. Each car is being sold as a going concern and will  subject to them remaining available for hire through and  for a minimum of 12 months.
      3. It is a great opportunity for enthusiasts to start building their own, financially sustaining and tax efficient, classic car collection by purchasing additional vehicles and/or promoting them within their local area.
      4. There is no restriction of trade except that self-drive hires will need to go through us for insurance and contractual reasons.
      5. Owners will have a degree of exclusivity for the vehicle(s) in their location.
      6. We have shown the cars’ current locations, but happy to discuss moving them to other centres.
      7. We have a network of foster owners who can garage, look after the car and hand over to clients if you do not have the space and/or the time.
      8. All the cars have been maintained regardless of cost including engine oil and filter changes every 3,000 miles/5,000 kms.
      9. We have a detailed spreadsheet for each car showing what has been done – and what still needs to be done 😊

The cars are all daily drivers and we have made a number of modifications to make them more reliable, easier to repair, easier to drive, etc. including:

      1. Electronic ignition in place of points.
      2. Dynamos replaced with alternators.
      3. Power steering fitted where appropriate.
      4. Electric cooling fans permanently connected.
      5. Additional electrical relays for improved reliability.
      6. Fitting of electrical circuit breakers to protect against electrical shorts.
      7. Fitting of warning lights for water temperature, oil pressure, brake fluid level and charging circuits.
      8. Minor non-structural changes to internal body panels to facilitate access.
      9. Child seat anchor points where possible.
      10. Fuel pumps replaced with more reliable units.
      11. All the cars are Right Hand Drive.

For more details, email Keith on or give him a call – 0407 287329

Make and Model Location Specifications Selling price Hire income 2023 FY Advance bookings 1st Jan 2024
Archie – 1956 MGA Convertible.     Sydney RHD Conversion.  Manual Gearbox. $50,000 $1,236 $3,400
Bertie – 1964 MGB Convertible.   Adelaide Original.  Manual Gearbox. $40,000 $4,920 $3,365
Black Mamba – 1966 Mustang Convertible  Sydney RHD Conversion.349 Stroker motor.  Automatic. $130,000 $16,823 $8,435
Charley – 1970 MGB Convertible.   Sydney Original.  Manual Gearbox with overdrive $45,000 $7,456 $3,910
James – 1970 MGB Automatic.   Sydney Original. Automatic. $40,000 $4,044 $4,026
Matilda – 1976 Mini.    Sydney Clubman with Cooper motor.   Manual Gearbox. $25,000 $1,428 $1,930
Penelope – 1968 E type Jaguar Convertible.    Sydney LWB body with 4.2l, cammed motor and Toyota gearbox $200,000 $12,033 $10,335
Rocky – 1967 Mustang Convertible.  Adelaide RHD Conversion. Cleveland 351 Motor. Automatic. $110,000 $11,952 $10,745
Ronnie – 1965 Jaguar 3.8 litre S type. .   Sydney Original.  Automatic with electric power steering. $35,000 $724 $3,140
Sophia – 1988 Ferrari Mondial QV Convertible.   Sydney Original. Manual Gearbox. $140,000 $3,954 $3,255
Stella – 1965 Mustang Convertible.  Gold Coast RHD Conversion. Automatic $80,000 $14,677 $4,090
Windsor – 1965 Mustang Convertible.   Sydney RHD Conversion. Automatic. $100,000 $13,002 $15,363
Heidi – 1969 BMW 2002 rally car together with Godzilla – 1997 80 Series Land Cruiser and trailer Sydney Highly modified tarmac rally car. $70,000 $5,000 $0
1 All amounts are exclusive of GST.
2 Historical income is no guarantee of future income.
3 Hire income is what owners receive.
4 Advance bookings are total hire income.
5 Advance bookings include Gift Vouchers issued for that particular vehicle.
6 Gift Vouchers are valid for up to 3 years and  transferable to other vehicles.
7 Unallocated Gift Vouchers outstanding on 1st January total $55,000